RMTS Super Roll™ rolls are manufactured with the goal to extend the roll life between reconditioning – which results in more product footage and less cost for new and reconditioning of rolls.

Super Roll™ rolls are constructed with top notch D2-CT high carbon, high chrome tool steel.

We analyze our D2 raw material for consistent grain structure to improve machining and to achieve better heat treatment process.

Super Roll™ rolls are all heat treated which places the emphasis on its increased toughness, homogenous grain structure, and optimum hardness. Ultimately, this will increase the tooling wear resistance and toughness, due to elimination of austenite in the grain structure.

Super Roll™ rolls undergo propriety manufacturing process which include:
All rolls are completely manufactured with CNC machines: face, bore, and OD. No ID, OD, or face grinding, thus:

  • No added heat to the roll.
  • No magnetism added to the roll.

Keyways are cut with the use of an EDM Machine. This machine allows the tooling to be cut to 0.005 to 0.010 inch over the key size, with ± 0.001 inch accuracy. The benefits include:

  • Absolute straightness of keyway.
  • Prevents bore and face wear.
  • Minimum roll slippage.
  • Minimum shaft wear.
  • Avoid roll cracking, especially fin rolls.

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