The PipeLine is the only publication exclusive to the Tube, Pipe, Roll Forming, Slitting, and Fabricating Industries.

Thank you for choosing to advertise with us. We are very aware that every dollar that you choose to invest into advertising needs to grow, flourish, and we, at the “PipeLine”, intend to do just that! We take our advertising customers and their needs seriously and will do everything that we can to promote and help you prosper.

Because we are totally committed to our advertisers, we will help you in every way possible to present your company to the companies who need your services the most. We are proud to be the only publication that specifically serves all the 4500 companies throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the world, that have a tube mill, pipe mill, roll former, benders, slitters, and secondary cutting operations. All the presidents, superintendents, and foreman, purchasing agents, sales departments and maintenance personnel, will see your ad. We pride ourselves in being a target specific publication!

In closing, we would like welcome you into the “PipeLine” home. We will “protect” your company’s position by not having competing companies advertise. We Will Guarantee That No other Competitor Will Be In The Same Issue. We also will do everything possible to help guide you in making the best choice in space and ad design.


Advertising design is available and encouraged for those of you who either do not have an “ad for publishing” or those of you who would like a new and updated look. Ad design can run between $300 and $750 depending on the complexity of the ad. This is an inexpensive way to promote you and your products and services to the industry.

*Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Ads must be paid in full with proof acceptance before press time or it will be deleted. If you choose to continue for the next quarter, we require a Notice of Commitment 15 Days Before Deadline. We will extend to you the first right of refusal, however if we do not have a commitment and payment, the next ad inline will be contacted and placed in your space. If you choose to publish with us again, we welcome your business, but you will have to wait until their next product space is open.
  • We will not be responsible for any errors that are submitted to us in the ad.
  • All sales are final/no refunds.
  • Insufficient funds on checks will have a 25% return charge and no future ads will be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to a 5% finder’s fee for any lead and or business we obtain directly.