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  • Over 100 years of industry know how
  • State of the art technology and dedicated personnel
  • 12 CNC Turning / Machining Centers for machining of rolls 24 hours a day
  • Constantly improve the quality of tube, pipe, and roll forming tooling
  • We never stop trying to do it better
  • Leading Provider of Tube Mill Roll Tooling

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What Our Clients Say

Tooling was received as ordered. Thanks to the quality workmanship on the grinding of the tooling we were able to place this in our active inventory upon reception.
Dave Eldridge, Tenaris Prudential
It was good to see you again.  I also wanted you to know what a pleasure it is dealing with a new and innovative company like yours.  Your new technology and new views on tube and pipe mill tooling are very refreshing.  Before we used “Super Roll” we were getting 1.5 million feet per run.  We are presently getting over 2.5 million feet, not mention the savings in revenue because of no bore wear, no face wear, and shafts lasting indefinitely.  Most of all, there are less roll marks. Thanks again.  The industry needs a company like RMTS to work outside the box.
I just wanted to send you a note thanking you and RMTS for coming up to plate when we really needed it. Your turn around time on the new set of roll form tooling was incredible. To add your hand on service for set up got us running product and we made our deadline to our customer.
Also, your quality and “Super Roll” process was the best we have seen. What I like is you guys do exactly what you say you are going to do.
Thanks to the people at RMTS for all your hard work.
Just a brief note to let you know of the results I have seen with your tooling and how it has benefitted Atlas Tube and myself. Tooling life between regrinds has increased dramatically, and I have also noticed substantial improvements in areas such as bore wear, shaft wear, etc. It has been just over a year since we began using your “Super Roll” concepts and tooling and in that time we have enjoyed drastic cost savings. Your custom engineering has helped us both in improving current product lines as well as developing new ones. You have done everything that you promised and more! Thank you for all of your assistance and I look forward to many more years of quality products and service. Please feel free to have your customers call me with any questions.
John Zimmer, Tooling Engineer
These slitter knives that you guys made for us are doing a great job. Better performance than knives we have had in the past from other vendors. You guys keep up the quality and the price and you will see future orders.
I wanted to drop you a note about your new “Super Roll” Process. It’s great and does exactly what you said it would do. Our shafts are now lasting longer and a matter of fact I have not changed one in a year and used to through 6 – 12 a year. I have tracked the wear (regrind life before regrinding) and at this moment I am finding that we get 2 – 3 times the footage that we have got with non “Super Roll” tooling. I really think you are on to something here and you can rest assured I will buy nothing unless it’s a “Super Roll”.
Randy Sprow, Tube Mill Manager
First I would like to thank you and RMTS for all your time and help in the design of new tooling, different material types, special heat treats and things that will enhance tooling life. You have been a long time friend and reliable vendor with one thing in mind, how can we make it better. Hopefully together we will continue to improve and make roll tooling more profitable for Parthenon and RMTS. Parthenon was one of the first customers to use the Patent pending “Super Roll” manufacturing processes, which doubled the amount of footage between regrinds. So this means Parthenon saved the cost of 1 complete regrind, plus the shipping costs. Great savings! To summarize RMTS, Great Tooling vendor that is willing to go the extra mile to make it right! Thanks to the people at RMTS for all the hard work!

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